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Diné Language & Culture Program (DLCP)

Contact Information

  • Shannon Johnson
    Elementary Diné

    Phone: (505) 253-0200 ext. 23656
  • Charlene Smiley
    MS Diné Language

    Phone: (505) 253-0200 ext. 23737

How to Participate

If you are interested in your incoming kindergartener participating in the Bilingual Multicultural Education Program, fill out the participation for linked below. Our bilingual teacher Mrs. Johnson will be in contact with you!

Participation Form

About the Program

Diné students at Tres Volcanes have the opportunity to participate in the Bilingual Multicultural Education Program

Your child does not have to be bilingual before starting in our Bilingual Multicultural Education Program. During their 60 minute daily class, they will receive bi-literacy instruction in the two program languages (Diné and English).

The goals for your child in the Bilingual Multicultural Education Program are:

  • To develop speaking, reading and writing skills in both English and Diné (bilingualism and biliteracy)
  • To achieve grade level proficiency, or above in all academic subjects in both English and Diné
  • To appreciate both their first language and their second language.
  • To develop appreciation for their culture, as well as the cultures of others.
  • To become examples of bilingualism in their community.


diné sel chart
Diné education policy in English and Diné