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Program Hours

Before School: 6:45 am – 8:45 am

After School: 3:50 pm – 6:00 pm

Rio Grande Educational Collaborative


  • $25 Registration Fee
  • $67 per week for Before and After School Care
  • $62 per week for the Second Child 

Program Structure

Before School: Four Corners Model

Our “Four Corners” model allows students to have the opportunity to explore a range of activities on a daily basis. Students are able to rotate freely through four “corners”:

  • Creative corner
  • Strategic games corner 
  • Active corner
  • Homework and literacy corner 

Through small groups, all students receive both remedial and enrichment opportunities related to the core academic subjects, incorporating each school’s strategies and hands-on learning activities.

After School: E-CUBEDTM Model

E-CUBEDTM was designed to improve academic outcomes for elementary school students by extending the learning day through complementing work done by our after-school instructors and involving parents, thus keeping young minds engaged in learning.

  • All activities are aligned with each school’s education plan for student success.
  • Programs daily curriculum is based on state academic standards and is aligned with the regular school day curriculum.

E-CUBEDTM uses a child’s natural curiosity to enhance learning while participating in:

  • Arts and music
  • Games and sports
  • Drama and dance
  • Nature and science
  • Collaboration with partner programs
  • Mathematics 
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Literacy
  • Homework help
  • Computer exploration

RGEC’s use of the E-CUBEDTM model provides safe programs while enriching the lives of young children, as they learn through fun lessons and activities to ensure high academic standards.